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GRC Constructor

An official Testimony from a G20 Central Bank states our software “has improved the quality of compliance in the industry".

This has to be THE greatest testimony and outcome ANY RegTech company could aspire to achieve and should be all the proof needed of our software’s value for prospective clients (Regulators / Banks -ADIs).

RiskCapCom has more Central Banks to come…..

Managing your risk and compliance

GRC Constructor Compliance Software

Risk & Capital Compliance Solutions Successfully supports banks and financial institutions from all over the world

Welcome to Risk and Capital Compliance Solutions - RiskCapCom

Risk & Capital Compliance Solutions is a global Regulatory Technology (RegTech) and Supervisory Technology (SupTech) organisation. We are an Australian company with offices in Perth (Western Australia) and London (UK). Our company specializes in the development and implementation of compliance management & reporting software technologies, in the key regulatory requirement area of risk and capital management, for the Financial Services Industry.

We have focused on building software solutions that can be used to create or enhance existing risk and capital management procedures linked to the Basel regulatory regime. Our software can be used in Central Banks (Regulators/Supervisors) and commercial banks, leasing companies and insurance firms, in countries that have adopted Basel II and/or Solvency II regulations (which over 90% of countries have). To date we have developed an ICAAP/ILAAP and Prudential Standards software solution called GRC Constructor (Governance, Risk & Compliance). Our software solution is designed to become the compliance operating system for a Bank or ADI - Authorised Deposit-Taking Institution, for ALL ICAAP/ILAAP compliance requirements and most other prudential regulatory requirements (banking laws). GRC Constructor allows users from the C-Level / Board down to develop, enhance, maintain, annually audit and report through any time-period on an institution’s ICAAP/ILAAP and prudential regulatory compliance, both internally and to the Regulator. The software has been sold and successfully implemented in Europe’s 4th largest commercial bank (Top 40 World Bank) and helped them achieve 100% compliance score by the Regulator. The software has proven itself to be a compliance risk mitigator (preventing heavy non-compliance fines often in the tens and hundreds of millions), including the reduction of negative findings from the Regulator, a significant cost and time saver, an in-house GRC expert that guides the user to full compliance to industry best practice, and an invaluable support mechanism for the ever-changing regulatory environment of a credit institution and its staff compliment.

Our organization has also successfully developed and implemented a SREP software solution for a large Central Bank. We have both written and verbal testimony from the Central Bank's official spokesperson that our Supervisory Technology (SupTech) has improved the compliance quality and standard of the entire Financial System - NO OTHER REGTECH COMPANY IN THE WORLD HAS ACHIEVED SUCH AN AMAZING OUTCOME! (refer to the YouTube Webinar link under "Recent Announcements"). The solution includes a list of detailed questions, including qualification criteria for scoring each question, a scoring mechanism including weights for each set of questions, the underlying algorithms, a systematic check of the credit institution’s answer consistency, a search engine capability to check document consistency and reporting platform to provide reports to each credit institution. Our software has been used successfully to manage the ICAAP (Capital Adequacy) of an entire county's banking system - over 800 banks/ADIs - a world first.

Our turn-key software platform is robust, flexible, easy-to-use/maintain and is future-proof. We have developed the program to be deployed and ready for use within a week. The tool is not dependent on any other software systems within the credit institution and if so desired can be linked to other systems to provide additional quantitative report inputs such as a document management system/library. Our software includes a comprehensive set of standard ICAAP quantitative reporting forms.

Our service offerings include compliance consulting and training which focuses on risk and capital management procedures to ensure credit institutions hold sufficient capital according to their risk profile, whilst still achieving its growth strategies. This is critical to sustain the institution’s long-term success and survival. We strive to provide total customer satisfaction through our comprehensive GRC turn-key management and automated reporting solution, supported by experienced and specialized consulting services, delivered by a team of professionals.

Recent Announcements:

RiskCapCom has partnered with Tariq Javed and his team at Carlyle Square Consultancy to maximise exposure and sales with the Central Banks (Regulators) and Commercial Banks of Saudi Arabia and the greater Gulf Region. Mr Javed has been a leader in adaptation of the International Banking Compliance Accords – known as Basel (in which our software is based) in Saudi Arabia, having been a Central Banker with SAMA (Saudi Arabian Monetary Authority) for over 30 years.

In Australia, RiskCapCom has also partnered with one the Big 4 accounting/consulting global companies for introductions to their many medium to large bank customers, working together to promote and sell the software and close the compliance gaps in these banks.

Carlyle Square

FinTech and RegTech News

US Bank Regulator engaging software vendors for SupTech/RegTech solution

June 28, 2020

The Federal Deposit Insurance Corp is actively engaging software vendors to develop and supply a RegTech solution to help supervise the compliance of over 3500 licensed banks/ADIs - RiskCapCom already has the solution...

Fintech and RegTech, disruption or more of the same?

June, 2020

One survey that canvassed finance industry executives across the globe showed that 52% of senior executives recognized their need for FinTech and RegTech...

G20 Summit – TechSprint Initiative for RegTech and SupTech (Supervisory Technology)

February 13, 2020

The TechSprint initiative as the name suggests was a key Financial Services focus at the recent G20 Summit, looking for Software Vendors and Compliance Experts to come together and develop ASAP software to help supervisors and banks manage compliance...